Bizzona Yacht
Bizzona Yacht


Sailing yachts (monohulls) have dominated the charter industry for the past 30 years. The Captain’s sailors and guests love the feel of wind and salt on their faces while cutting through the water with full sails. The sail yacht heeling over at 45 degrees, adjusting the sails for maximum speed, is just what is enjoyed. There is no feeling better than entering a quiet lagoon and dropping the entire sail with one flick of the wrist; the change from wind to no wind, the change from the soft swell of the ocean to the glossy calm of a protected anchorage, is exactly what drives these folks. This has won the hearts of everyone onboard.

In this new glossy wind-free lagoon, the exciting feeling of being away from the crowd, doing something completely new, is invigorating and also has a sense of accomplishment. Island hopping is the only crowd pleaser, this gets you away from the crowds and into Mother Nature’s playground.

Imagine exploring uninhabited islands in the sun in your own private hotel? You point out where you wish to go and what you wish to do. It is you who control each day, you select your own private

itinerary, and there are no crowds, just you and your family.

How do we take your breath away? By planning the above around a location in paradise, where guests enjoy great relaxation, home-made dishes, plenty of water sports, beautiful sunsets, fishing, acquiring basin sailing skills, etc. . Inhabited islands, sparsely inhabited islands and uninhabited islands are part of where our guests can go, and we do it right the first time. The passionate traveler’s perfect Sail Yacht charter vacation is intoxicating moments in life, which can last forever. Delicate, quality details are planned to make sure that your Sail Yacht vacation surpasses your wildest expectations.

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